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Cornwall islamic community centre responds to recent “Muslim convert threat to kill Jews” article

Firstly, we like to literate we have great relationship with Jewish community in Cornwall and we will continue develop it further. Upon hearing incident we have contacted Jewish community and given them assurances that we hope incident will not be repeated and Jewish community can feel safe in Cornwall. Person known as Adam has previously mental issues related childhood problems with caused him to go in prison. During his stay in prison he has change of faith and we are not certain whom he has taken his knowledge from? Upon his release from prison police kept close eye over his movement. Subsequently Members of our community was questioned by Police regarding his behaviour which they told officers Adam has no part in community therefore no information to hand. He has severe mental issue which needs urgent medical attention and needs to be address before his release. By sending him to prison problem is not  going to go away. We ask authorities should submit him to Psychiatric hospitals in order improve his health condition. Whole entire community wont feel safe including Muslims if Adam is not treated. Any act of violence caused by this individuals going to make life difficult for already small and fragile minority of Muslims. We hope that peace and prosperity of all minority groups will continue and Muslims image will not be tarnished by this individual.

Cornwall Islamic community center

27th April 2021